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Turtle Pond In Need of a Makeover

Over the past fifteen plus years, Awtrey Middle School’s courtyard has housed a small turtle pond.  Over time we have added a few pet box turtles and red-bellied slider turtles.  These animals had outgrown their “pet” status at local homes, and our students enjoy having them here at school. This year the ponds liner has finally succumb to the elements and we were told there was no way to repair the liner and it was recommended that we rebuild the habitat for maximum longevity and health of the animals. We have a company willing to match our funding but we need to raise $650. This week we are doing a hat day fundraiser to raise the necessary funds. Week long hat passes are $4 or you can pay $1 for each day. Please help support our efforts and rebuild our turtle pond.

turtle pond 2

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