Our conference week is the week of October 20. We are looking forward to showcasing our students as they take ownership of their learning. The students are working hard to prepare for this special event, and your child’s Academic Habits teacher is helping prepare for the conferences. We are looking forward to having you experience your child in a student-led conference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the purpose of a student-led conference?

A student-led conference is an excellent opportunity for middle school students to demonstrate ownership of learning by sharing their academic achievement. They also will share their learning styles and goals, and partnering with parents/guardians in the school setting for this conference will strengthen the home-school connection and our priorities to keep the students as the center of the team. Students who take responsibility for their learning will realize greater levels of potential, and parent involvement is critical.

2. Can I schedule a traditional parent-teacher conference?

Yes, but the week of October 20 in addition to the week before and after are dedicated to our student-led conferences. Outside of these three weeks, traditional parent-teacher conferences may be scheduled. Parents/Guardians may request feedback from teachers any time throughout the school year, and we appreciate the phone calls, e-mails, and meetings to help support our students. As always, please continue to find ways to hold your child responsible to answer reasonable questions about school.

3. Who else will be in the room during my child’s conference time?

Aside from the Academic Habits teacher who will be monitoring the conferences, your child will be the one sitting at the table with any guests. There may be multiple conferences going on at the same time, but different table stations will be set up for this purpose.

4. May I speak with any of my child’s teachers during the student-led conference?

No, your child’s Academic Habits teacher is your assigned conferencing teacher. As your child has up to seven different teachers, you are welcome to complete a feedback request card at the end of the conference time for the Academic Habits teacher to provide to any staff member of your choosing. This staff member will follow up with you to address any questions or concerns about your child’s performance.

5. Can my child stay at the school after the 2:15 p.m. early dismissal on the assigned conference day?

Yes, any student may stay after school to wait for a parent in the cafeteria for an assigned conference time. The students will be provided a supervised study hall from 2:15 – 4:15 p.m. in the cafeteria, and parents arriving to school for a conference may pick up their children in the cafeteria before the conference time.

6. What will happen if my child can’t attend the student-led conference?

Student participation is required for the student-led conference. If your child is not able to attend, please contact your child’s Academic Habits teacher to reschedule the conference.

Here is a link to teacher blogs to sign up for a conference.

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