PTSA Food Drive

Our PTSA is partnering with Thanks for Giving to help feed families in Cobb County during the holidays. The foundations goal is to feed 1,400 families for not just the holiday, but for a week. Awtrey’s goal is to collect 3,000 items. If we hit our goal Mr. Crawford will dress as a turkey and do the chicken dance! Please visit their website and flyer¬†for more information.

Thankful Thursday – We will count items and update on Friday, but we don’t want you to wait until Thursday or Friday to send in items, please send in items all week long.

We are asking for the following items each week. The only thing we ask you not to send in is GLASS jars, and refrigerated items!

1st Week – PB&J & crackers, canned soup, canned fruit and veggies

2nd Week – Breakfast & Italian week (ex. oatmeal, granola bars, pop-tarts, dry or can milk, noodles, canned sauce, ravioli, mac & cheese…etc.)

3rd Week – Personal & baby items (ex. deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, female items, diapers, wipes, baby shampoo…etc.)

4th Week – Thanksgiving food items (ex. boxed potatoes, stuffing, gravy packages or cans, cranberry sauce, non-refrigerated pie dough, pie filling, rolls…etc.)


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