FAQ Videos

We will be adding new videos to this area to help students and parents.

Our staff recently had a video contest to answer some of our FAQ’s. Here are the videos submitted.

Why do I need to check the teacher blogs? Isn’t that my student’s responsibility? Checking Teacher Blogs
On the conduct card, I see a VH. What is VH and how does my student earn them? What is a Viking Helmet (VH)?
How do I check my student’s grades? How to access and use Synergy
What is a DBQ and what does my student need to know to do one? How to do a DBQ?
What does my student need to do to be successful at Awtrey? How to be Successful at Awtrey
What is great work? How to Create Great Work
How can my student take a stand against bullying? Stand Up to Bullying  &  Don’t Hate, Celebrate – Anti Bullying