Large Group Performance Exam (LGPE)

Below is the information we currently have for LGPE. We are still waiting on Orchestra and will add that when it becomes available to the directors.


Cluster Concert (8th Grade Chorus)

February 23 @6:30 pm (arrive @ 6:00 pm)

Acworth United Methodist Church

Parent transportation


LGPE (8th Grade Chorus)

March 7 @2:30 pm

Burnt Hickory Baptist Church

(leaving @11:00 pm-returning @5:30 pm))

County Transportation


LGPE (7th Grade Chorus)

March 8 @2:30 pm

Burnt Hickory Baptist Church

(leaving @11:00 pm-returning @5:30 pm)

County Transportation



LGPE (7-2 Band)

March 22 @6:25 pm

McEachern High School

County Transportation


LGPE (7-1 Band)

March 23 @5:35 pm

McEachern High School

County Transportation


LGPE (8th Grade Band)

March 8 @7:40 pm

McEachern High School

County Transportation


Awtrey’s Giving Tree


Our Community Outreach Committee at Awtrey would like to foster the spirit of giving by offering assistance to families in need and allowing other families in our school community to support our community. We will be sponsoring the Giving Tree this holiday season. The “ornaments” on a Giving Tree are the specific toy and clothing needs of children in our community who may not receive gifts otherwise. It is our hope to help the families of our students who need assistance with clothing and toy requests. Beginning November 23rd, the Giving Tree will be accessible to Awtrey staff members and other adults in our school community to choose ornaments and to fulfill a specific request (“Giving Tree” will be accessed on-line); the identity of the families requesting assistance will be kept confidential.
If you would like your family to be considered for our Giving Tree program, please see below. All submissions must be completed by Monday, November 30th. All information will be kept confidential. An Awtrey staff member will be contacting families to discuss the program.
We are also seeking families to donate gifts and/or wrapping materials to help meet the Giving Tree requests. If you are able to help, please see below.
If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact us at school. Thank you in advance for helping us celebrate this holiday season with our school community.
Awtrey Community Outreach Committee

The deadline has passed to submit someone to the Giving Tree. Thank you for your submissions.
We are now working to meet these needs.

If you would like to purchase a clothing/toy gift to satisfy one or more of the Giving Tree Requests,
go to Giving tree beginning 11/23/15 Gifts will need to be dropped off at Awtrey MS by 12/8/15.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Giving Tree that will be used for wrapping supplies
and to fulfill Giving Tree needs you may make a check payable to AMS and include in the memo section
“Giving Tree”.

If you would like to donate wrapping materials to assist in wrapping the donated gifts, those items can
be sent to Awtrey’s main office.



Veteran’s Day Celebration

The 7th Grade Veteran’s Day Concert will take place on November 11th in the Awtrey Middle School gymnasium at 2:30 PM. This is a schoolwide assembly honoring our veterans. Music will be provided by the AMS Performing Arts Department. There will be a special guest speaker, as well as color guard. If you have served and would like to attend this special event, please join us on Thursday! 

book fair Copy

Support our Students and Literacy at the Book Fair

One of our goals for our students is to increase Literacy or reading. So we ask students to always have a book with them to read when they finish classwork, or during any downtime situations.

The money from our book fair will be used to purchase books for our students to check out and read. Please support our CLC (Collaborative Learning Center) and our students by purchasing books from our book fair.

Our media specialist, Anita Foster, has also set up an online book fair. This fair will go until November 5th. All proceeds from this will also benefit the Awtrey CLC and putting more books into our students hands. Check out her blog with the link to the online book fair.

During your conference visit, stop by the CLC and Check Us Out!

parent night flyer - jpeg

8th Grade Parent Night for Future Freshmen

I know I can’t believe they’re in 8th grade and going to be freshmen next year! In order to be prepared, we have a parent night to answer any and all questions. When? November 5th at 6:30 PM Where? In the Awtrey theater

Please see this flyer for more information.

Parent Student Conf

Student Led Conference FAQ


When is Conference Week?

Conference Week is scheduled the week of October 19.  Students will be dismissed two hours early each of these days, dismissing at 2:15 p.m.  

How do parents/guardians schedule a conference?

Parents visit their child’s conference teacher’s website to sign up for a conference.  The conference teacher is the third period teacher for eighth graders and fifth period teacher for the sixth and seventh graders.  With the exception of a Spanish section, this teacher is the student’s Academic Habits, Gifted Resource, or Reading teacher.  Parents may contact their child’s conference teacher about any requests for an alternate time/day.

What is the purpose of student-led conferences?

Student-led conferences help empower students to take ownership of their learning and make them an active and the most important member of the team.  This experience increases the student’s responsibility to monitor their achievements, share their progress, and celebrate the results.  Student-led conferences also strengthens students’ ability to reflect on their progress and adjust their goals to realize greater levels of achievement.

What will students share during the conferences?

Students will review their current academic progress in addition to other important items for their success.  These items include a learning profile, goals, and work samples.  Students will also invite their parents/guardians to be an active part of the conference by asking questions, providing feedback, and completing specific activities.

For families who regularly discuss academic progress at home, will the student-led conference be beneficial?

YES!  A student-led conference in the school setting is a more formal expectation for students.  The school setting is the student’s “work place”, and parents/guardians visiting the school increases the significance of academic priorities.  The multiple agenda items for these conferences are also designed by the teachers to create a professional review of student progress.

For parents/guardians who want to conference with one or more teachers, what options are available?

Parents may request more traditional parent/teacher conferences any other time during the school year.  Our October conference week, including the week before and after this conference week, are reserved for student-led conferences.  Students will review questions/concerns parents may have, during the conference, and the teacher monitoring the conference will review this information and connect with needed staff to follow up with the family.

What can parents/guardians expect during their child’s student-led conference?

Parents can expect that their child will be prepared to review their achievement.  The students work hard to prepare for this special meeting, and it is normal for their child to feel nervous or anxious.  The teacher monitoring the conference will assist as needed to help make sure that all of the required items were reviewed.  Based on the students leading these conferences and possibly multiple conferences taking place in the classroom at the same time, teachers will not be seated at the table with the students.  A goal is to ensure that the students are the leaders of these conferences.   

How is student-led conferences connected to leadership?

A priority is to support students to realize potential and become positive leaders.  Becoming a leader includes recognizing strengths and weaknesses and using developed skills to make a positive difference.  Leadership skills are vital for student and future success, and student-led conferences provide an experience for students to model facilitation skills as they review their achievement with a critical member of their team – the parent!  

Will parents/guardians be able to provide feedback about the conference?

Yes, we hope each parent will provide feedback about the student-led conference experience.  An opportunity to complete a survey will be offered.  This feedback will be reviewed to help the school make the most of future planning needs to ensure our families are active members of our learning team.

Can my child stay after school for the student-led conference?

We will dismiss all students at 2:15 p.m. on each conference day, but we will offer a supervised study hall in the cafeteria on each of these days from 2:15 until 4:15 p.m.  Students may take advantage of this study hall as they wait for their parents to arrive for the conferences.  Parents are asked to pick up their child in the cafeteria before the conference.

What if a student is not able to attend a student-led conference?

Student participation is required.  If a student is not able to attend, the conference will need to be rescheduled.  Please contact your child’s conference teacher if any conflict arises.


Awtrey Night at SkyZone

Jump into fall and join us at Awtrey Middle School’s Spirit Night at Skyzone Friday, October 16! If your kids mention “Awtrey Middle School” when they pay they will receive a $4 discount per hour as long as they show up anytime b/w 4:30pm-9pm. They can bring friends or family from other schools and they will all receive the same great discount if they simply mention Awtrey Middle School and show up anytime b/w the hours of 4:30-9pm.

Please note, the regular price for one hour of jumping at Skyzone is $14/hour, but mentioning Awtrey Middle School will reduce that to $10/hour as long as you arrive anytime during the hours of 4:30pm-9pm. (Most kids jump only 1 or 2 hours). And don’t forget the SkyZone socks. Bring them if you have them already! If not, they cost $2 at Skyzone.

You can complete your child’s Skyzone waiver online at

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park
1650 Airport Road, Suite 105
Kennesaw, GA 30144

50th logo transparent

“Are You Smarter than a Middle Schooler?”

As a part of our 50th celebration, we will be having “Are You Smarter than a Middle Schooler?” game. We are inviting students to submit questions for this competition. Please use this link to submit your questions and answers. Each question and correct answer will be submitted into a prize drawing. Thank you for playing (and stumping your teachers and parents)!