Magnet School

Pebblebrook Magnet

Pebblebrook Magnet Program will be holding an informational meeting for all students interested in the performing arts magnet program on March 1st, at 9:30 AM.  The meeting will be held in the Awtrey theater.  The meeting will discuss the program and explain audition requirements.  Please see Dr. Deane if you have any questions.


2017 -18 School Choice Information

2017-18 School Choice

The Cobb County School District is again offering School Choice (HB 251

and SB10) transfers for the 2017-2018 school year. Individual school

capacity information and applications will be available beginning

February 1, 2017 on the District website. For more information, please

see our 2017-18 School Choice webpage.

Deadline for applying is Tuesday, February 28, 2017.


turtle pond 1

Turtle Pond In Need of a Makeover

turtle pond 1

Over the past fifteen plus years, Awtrey Middle School’s courtyard has housed a small turtle pond.  Over time we have added a few pet box turtles and red-bellied slider turtles.  These animals had outgrown their “pet” status at local homes, and our students enjoy having them here at school. This year the ponds liner has finally succumb to the elements and we were told there was no way to repair the liner and it was recommended that we rebuild the habitat for maximum longevity and health of the animals. We have a company willing to match our funding but we need to raise $650. This week we are doing a hat day fundraiser to raise the necessary funds. Week long hat passes are $4 or you can pay $1 for each day. Please help support our efforts and rebuild our turtle pond.

turtle pond 2


Scoliosis Waiver

If you have already or would rather have their child screened for scoliosis at their doctor please sign and return this waiver to Coach Hyatt.

Scoliosis testing will be on December 15th for 6th and 8th graders.



Awtrey’s Giving Tree

Giving_treeDear Awtrey Families,

Our Community Outreach Committee at Awtrey would like to foster the spirit of giving by offering assistance to families in need and allowing other families in our school community to support our community. We will be sponsoring the Giving Tree this holiday season. The “ornaments” on a Giving Tree are the specific toy and clothing needs of children in our community who may not receive gifts otherwise. It is our hope to help the families of our students who need assistance with clothing and toy requests. The Giving Tree will be accessible to Awtrey staff members and other adults in our school community to choose ornaments and to fulfill a specific request (“Giving Tree” will be accessed on-line).
If you would like your family to be considered for our Giving Tree program, please see below. All submissions must be completed and turned no later than Monday, December 5th. All information will be kept confidential. If there are any questions an Awtrey staff member will be contacting families.
We are also seeking families to donate gifts and/or wrapping materials to help meet the Giving Tree requests. If you are able to help, please see below.
If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact us at school. Thank you in advance for helping us celebrate this holiday season with our school community.

Awtrey Community Outreach Committee



Online Safety Parent Round Table

Join us on Monday, November 14th for a parent round table discussion for Online Safety. We will talk about apps, steps parents are taking to keep their children safe online, and more. Please sign up on Sign Up Genius to just give us a heads up of how many to expect. If you don’t sign up, please feel free to come if your plans allow it.

We will meet in the CLC at 6 PM. Please remember that students are not permitted at this meeting.