Awtrey’s Late Work Policy

This late work policy has been developed to balance successfully monitoring student achievement and empowering students to take responsibility for their learning.

Students who don’t submit required graded work by the due date will lose appropriate conduct card points. Work may be submitted by the next class period on the following school day with no academic penalty. Any work not submitted with this extension will be recorded as a “0” in the grade book.

Any homework assignment submitted after this extension will receive feedback only but not receive credit. There will be no other options to replace this “0” homework grade. Homework assignments will count no more than 5% of the final grade.

Any multi-day/long term assignment not submitted by the next class class period may earn credit only when completed during an assigned detention. Students who choose not to serve this detention and complete the assigned long-term task will earn a “0” for this assignment.

Any task defined by a teacher as an assessment and not completed by the extension will earn a “0”. This recorded grade can be replaced or exempted after the final assessment has been taken and graded. This final assessment for students who need grade recovery may contain alternative assessment items to assist with evaluating mastery of the content standards. These alternative assessment items will require extended responses to more fully evaluate student achievement.

Respective teachers can be contacted to assist with answering questions about the use of this policy.

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